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Welcome to Compromise Guild Portal

  Compromise is a PvE Alliance guild based out of the US PVP server Auchindoun.  Our main focus will be leveling through the new Cataclysm content to 85 and continue as a 10-man raiding guild.  The guild forms with a group of friends grown tired of the same problems with other guilds on the server.  We plan to offer a relaxed raid environment while bring back some of the old school raiding policies and techniques since Cataclysm raiding will be based greatly around the old vanilla raid styles. We may also dabble in the PvP craft as well. At the least you should be seeing a weekly guild pre-made battleground group. If we see an interest as well as a working group with a better than average winning statistics, we may also move a group into Rated Battlegrounds.

If you have any questions about Compromise, feel free to whisper officers in game: Pathagoras, Cellesta, or Mandös. We will be looking for new committed people to join our raid group and if we have enough interest, possible moving into a 25-man group.

Have a look around and if interested in joining ask an officer or member and we will try to pull you into our next raid as a test run to see if you'll fit in.


NOTE: Guild contains nuts. People with allergies are advised to not eat guild members because of this. Anyone doing so does so at their own risk.


Blood DK
Frost DK
Unholy DK

 Prot Pally
 Ret Pally
 Holy Pally
 Resto Druid
 Feral Druid
    Holy Priest
Disc Priest
S Priest

 Open     Resto Sham
Ele Shaman
En Shaman
 Rogue  Open     Prot Warrior
Fury Warrior
Arm Warrior
 Mage Closed      Warlock  Open

**Above list applies only to 10-man core group**
Currently recruiting all players for a Cataclysm leveling and 10 man raiding. Look for us in game to do trial runs to see if you like our raid style and so we can see if we like yours.  
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Find the Entrances Guide

Pathagoras, Dec 14, 10 1:00 PM.
Has a video to show you each of the entrances for all the new Cata dungeons


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Pathagoras, Dec 3, 10 9:33 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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